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Picklemedia is a dynamic, multi-product consultancy business based in Edinburgh but working with clients across the UK and EU. The business generates revenue from different streams including membership, sponsorship, events and HubSpot CRM consultancy. 

We are small but we are growing. And we’re potent, so we punch above our weight. We deliver exceptional value for our clients and members.



Bart Kowalczyk
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Our core projects


AutomateNow HubSpot Consultancy

Delivering revenue-driven sales & marketing solutions: HubSpot Training & Sales Coaching

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PBLINK Business Network

B2B matchmaking & networking platform designed to boost the influence of diverse entrepreneurs in the UK and beyond.

B2B Marketing Support in the UK

One-stop-shop if you plan to enter the UK market including lead-generation service, organising trade missions & exhibitions

Company Details

Picklemedia Consultancy Ltd
UK Registration Number: SC409711
VAT: GB 122168640
Contact Number: +44 208 432 6965