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Polish Business Roadshow Online 2021

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What is Roadshow?

Running business alone a long way from the familiar environment of your native country for many Polish and other diverse entrepreneurs is challenging.

Polish Business Link is organising series of FREE Roadshow events targeting the biggest UK cities focusing on helping Polish business owners grow in the UK.

Due to social distancing rules, this year the Roadshow will take place using the Online Webinar tool Zoom.

Events will give entrepreneurs the chance to get away from the day-to-day grind of running their business and think about their growth plan, and support in this challenging times.

Roadshow 2021

Roadshow events will be also a chance for British SMEs to tap into the thriving network of Polish businesses, opening up the potential collaboration including lucrative export opportunities. Equally British firms will benefit greatly from identifying UK-based Polish contractors, for example in the construction sector.

Bartek NEW squareI look forward to seeing you online soon.

Bart Kowalczyk
Polish Business Link Founder

Roadshow Patrons

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Online Events Format

Each event will take place online using Zoom. Each meeting will last approx. 2h and will have the following format:


Share your business challenge with the group and let everyone else discuss your challenge and offer solutions.
All guests and invited experts will brainstorm, share their experience, and propose various solutions.

Among the invited Experts, you will find a lawyer, accountant, marketing specialist, experienced seller of products on online platforms, etc. (the list of local advisors is different for each city). Participants will learn not only how to open but also how to grow a company in the UK. After the workshop, participants will be able to book individual consultations with an expert in Zoom Breakout Rooms.


An informal business networking session for Polish and British entrepreneurs in the UK. It will be an excellent opportunity to exchange virtual business cards and experiences.

There will be a Polish-English translator available. Roadshow event is supported by the Polish Consulates (Ministry of Foreign affairs Poles abroad cooperation fund).

Book your place now and give yourself the opportunity to expand your business network!

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Why take part?

The current coronavirus crisis has shown everyone that our business plans do not always go our way. Having a business now doesn't guarantee that you will still have it in few years.

The customers' needs and expectations are changing fast. The future will undoubtedly be easier for those using technology, online sales, and continuous improvement and innovation that will help you stand out from the competition.

The Polish Business Roadshow has been designed for business owners and entrepreneurs from various industries: the construction industry, online trading, professional services of various types and subcontracting companies operating in the UK.

Meetings are also organised for people who are just planning to start their own company in Great Britain.

We will talk about available grants, marketing and sales strategy, and consult your problems with a lawyer or accountant.

If we cannot help there and then, we will help you find a person who will, through our business network.

In the case of an English-speaking expert, an interpreter will be available.


Participation in Roadshow events is FREE.