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Are you struggling to set up your HubSpot CRM?

It took me over a year to figure out how to set up my CRM system. Uploading contacts, website & email integration, creating sales funnels, profiling my database, collecting and storing feedback. Why did it take me so long to organise? Non-stop calls from Clients, appointments, quotes, networking events, homeschooling... the time-sucks common to all professionals.

More Sales - Less Work - More Time

The irony is, the right CRM will boost your productivity and save you hours of monotonous record keeping. We are in the age of Industry 4.0 – why was I struggling with mundane tasks that technology could take off my hands? Because even the best system will waste more of your precious time if you don't set it up properly. 

Once I learned how to harness the power of HubSpot, I freed up endless hours previously spent in interpreting databases & customer behaviour, creating sales funnels, profiling my database, collecting and storing feedback. 

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Group Sessions for HubSpot Free and Starter Subscribers.
Ideal for self-employed or small firms.

My HubSpot Summer Bootcamp includes 4x90 min sessions via Zoom to help get you started with your HubSpot CRM. Once we complete the sessions I offer 2h tailored follow-up support. This package is designed for HubSpot Free, Marketing & Sales Starter users who manage their contact database in teams of max 3 people. 

Time to Digitalize your Business

Post-COVID 'new normal' will change how we interact with our Clients because the buyer is now in control. They are extensively researching a purchase online before a first sales call. Your product too! 

Do you have a system in place to track their behaviour and pipeline? Do you spend time on prospects that are more likely to convert? Do you collect feedback to improve your offering? 

HubSpot Summer Bootcamp

Still need convincing? I’ve shared my knowledge with businesses and professionals in a range of sectors. See testimonials.

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What's covered?

Session #1 - Segmenting Database
Identifying Buyer Personas
What details to collect and how to capture it in forms to qualify leads?
Segmenting uploaded database: tags and lists
Contact Filter based on behaviour + Contact View
Creating Forms on website: follow ups + alerts
Setting up GDPR / Subscriptions
Session# 2 - Setting up Sales
Mapping the Buyer's Journey
Live Cycle Stage vs Lead Status
Defining Deal Stages & Setting up automation tasks on deal stages
Creating Meeting Links
Uploading Templates & Snippets
Mobile App / Notifications
Documents & Tasks
Using Prospect Alerts & Companies to support sales
Session #3 - Setting up Marketing
Creating Emailing Campaign best practice
BoFu: Creating Landing Pages, Thank You Page & Follow up emails
How to publish lead based ads in HubSpot
Setting Chatflows & Popups in critical content on the website that might convert into leads
Creating Marketing List & tracking list performance
Session #4 - Setting up Team & Reporting 
Setting up team inbox
Setting up Training Plan for Team: HubSpot Academy
Using Notes in Contacts to collaborate with team members
Setting up Reports
Assigning Team Roles


All Sessions will be recorded and available for you even if you cannot attend.

I am confident that HubSpot will improve your business but if you’re not satisfied, I guarantee your Money Back! @Bart


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