Webinar for SMEs, business owners and entrepreneurs in the UK.

Webinar for Diverse Entrepreneurs in the UK

Workforces. Customers. Collaborations.

Thursday, 22.10.2020: 11:00 am - 1:30 pm BST

Two discussion panels - FREE
Networking - £15 +vat

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Webinar for Diverse Entrepreneurs

Workforces. Customers. Collaborations.


Bart Kowalczyk

Co-founder & Director
Polish Business Link


Why join the Webinar?

Integration and conformity to the norm are no longer the best way forward in business. In these unprecedented times of remote working, and the “new normal”, diverse entrepreneurs are demonstrating the adaptability and innovation necessary to prosper under conditions that drive traditional businesses to the wall.

In this webinar, we uncover the secrets of the “immigrant mindset”, as championed by renowned business author Glenn Llopis in his article for globally respected Harvard Business Review.

In his article Llopis, himself a Cuban American, describes the typical attributes of entrepreneurs starting a life and a business beyond their native shores: pioneers who stay on their toes and see opportunities everywhere, while building a lasting legacy. This killer combination of agility and responsiveness, fused with the determination to fulfil a long-term plan, is just what drove Pierre Morad Omidyar, an immigrant from France, to revolutionise e-commerce by founding eBay, and Greek American Peter M. Nicholas to build Boston Scientific, which now employs over 25,000 people. In fact, Forbes Magazine reveals that 40% of Fortune 500 companies are founded by immigrants or their children, including Google, McDonalds, Pfizer and eBay.

We need new skills and a fresh mindset for a changing business arena.

We will focus on the 3 strong legs every business needs to succeed:


Leaders realise the truth in the idea that staff is a company’s biggest asset. Loyal, happy employees infuse a business with strength from within.

Company culture is shaped by how you hire and retain talent, training, policies on mental health, etc.


Customer service is no longer enough, we should be completely customer-centred.

To build loyalty and drive sales, it’s all about creating amazing customer experiences.



You’re doing it for yourself and doing it your way, but collaborations need not mean compromising your individuality or your innovation.

Wisely chosen mentors, partners, supply chain, networking groups and more can all add up to the help you need to thrive.


Bill Mair
Bill Mair
B2B presentation specialist
Precision Presentation
Bartek NEW square
Bart Kowalczyk
Tomasz Dyl GottaBe! Marketing
Tomasz Dyl
GottaBe! Marketing
Lina Bourdon CCFS Ltd
Lina Bourdon
Managing Director
City & Country Financial Services and National Chair for Diversity Policy, Federation of Small Businesses
Cristina Irimie HPLC
Cristina Irimie
Operational Director
Happy People Learning Centre
Aiste Naujokaityte LCC
Aiste Naujokaityte
President at Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce (UK) and Client Director for MIT Ventures
Monika Serafinska
Monika Serafinska
Co-Founder at Women's Business Link and Owner of VA Office
Lissa Leader Nutrileader
Lissa Leader
Registered Nutritionist (MBANT), Founder of Nutrileader Ltd
Gurnam Selvarajah
Gurnam Selvarajah
Innovation Director, Co-Innovate Journeys at Brunel University
Veronica Heaven
Veronica Heaven, Director at the The Heaven Company London Limited
Diana Chrouch
Diana Chrouch
Director atChrouch Consulting
Emilia Cybulska
Emilia Cybulska, Relationship Manager, Business Banking, NatWest

PBLINK Partners

Carter Lemon Camerons LLP
City & Country Financial Services
Happy People Learning Centre
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These two discussion panels will cover these three legs; workforces, customers and collaborations.

11:00 - 11:15

Bart Kowalczyk, Founder at PBLINK

11:15 - 12:00
Changing Workforces - Discussion Panel


  • Moderator: Tomasz Dyl, Director at GottaBe! Marketing 
  • Aiste Naujokaityte, President at Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce (UK) and Client Director for MIT Ventures
  • Cristina Irimie, Operational Director at Happy People Learning Centre
  • Lina Bourdon, Managing Director, City & Country Financial Services and National Chair for Diversity Policy, Federation of Small Businesses
  • Emilia Cybulska, Relationship Manager, Business Banking, NatWest

12.00 - 12:45
Adapting through Innovation and Creativity - Discussion Panel


  • Moderator: Bill Mair, B2B Presentation Specialist, Precision Presentation
  • Veronica Heaven, Director at The Heaven Company London Limited
  • Lissa Leader, Registered Nutritionist (MBANT), Founder of Nutrileader Ltd
  • Monika Serafinska,  Co-Founder at Women's Business Link and Owner at VA Office
  • Gurnam Selvarajah, Innovation Director Co-Innovate Journeys at Brunel University
  • Diana Chrouch, Director at Chrouch Consulting


12:45 - 13:00
Final remarks and close
Bart Kowalczyk, Founder at PBLINK

Business Networking (£15 + vat)

''Learn from diverse entrepreneurs and business owners on how to adapt to the new reality, shape your workforces and foster innovation.

Bart Kowalczyk, Founder, PBLINK

Bartek Kowalczyk

How to Participate

Due to social distancing rules, this event will take place using the Online Webinar tool Zoom. The event will last for 2.5 hours and comprise 2 important parts: Panel Discussions and Networking.

The Panel Discussions will give opportunities for everyone to take part and contribute to the conversation via the Q&A box. In addition, we will organise networking session to help you to build meaningful business relationships.

Participation in the Panel Discussion is free of charge. We charge for facilitation of the networking part with a limited number of tickets available. In addition, paid-ticket holders will have access to all webinar recordings and will have more insights into delegate lists. Cost: £15 + VAT


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The objective of this webinar is to examine and promote the role of diverse entrepreneurs, their various mindsets, approaches and contributions to the current situation with COVID, lockdown and the future of business. 

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